natty Drinks – Stirred…not shaken!


There is, it appears, quite a difference between milk ‘shakes’ and milk ‘drinks’. Different animals, we are told, even if the cow is the same.

Liam Watson and John Carslake know this because they are experts in all things milk – shaken and stirred – and they are now on the market with what they think is the nation’s first-ever 100% natural milk drink.

Starting out with three classic dessert flavours, all from natural sources – apple crumble and custard, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate orange truffle cake – the new Natty product range is now in carefully selected cafes, restaurants, bars, and food stores.

They’re as gorgeous as they sound, and the result of hours of work in the kitchen perfecting flavours, texture, and a special mix of skimmed and semi-skimmed milk to keep the calories down. The drinks also contain a lot less sugar than most fizzy soft drinks and juice drinks, so depending on flavour, there are around 60 calories per 100ml of the product, and about two teaspoons of sugar in a 330ml bottle. This is luxury, grown-up milk for adults who are perhaps a wee bit past your usual milkshake. The colouring is all natural, drawn from sources such as spinach and nettle, while the flavours are extracted from natural products like apples, lemons, and premium cocoa from France. Liam, 24, has run a milkshake shop in Hexham for four years, while John, 31, is a former brand manager with Fentimans, so they know their stuff. Being natural, it only keeps as long as fresh milk, but Natty tastes so good that’s never going to be a problem.

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