Oui Chef – Nouveau cuisine

I’m hoping to head home for a little while before Christmas and when I do get the chance to go back I always visits the restaurants of Paris. 


I love to see what’s happening there, and I’ll go and see what they’re doing in the bistros, brasseries and restaurants etc. It’s always nice to see what’s on their menus and find out what is most popular.

When I first moved to England you had to be careful taking what the French were eating and putting it on a menu here. But customers now have moved on tremendously. I’ve been in this country for 14 years and it’s impressive how tastes have developed. Certainly, I think people are more adventurous now.

Last year I put pigs trotter galette on the menu and it’s about to return, which is why I’m also inviting you to try it at home with this recipe.

It’s true that the average pig’s trotter isn’t pretty, but it’s the way you cook it and what you add to it that makes the difference. It has to be cooked well, and when it is, it’s beautiful. When I first came here very few people would touch it, but last year it was a huge success on our menu. It’s a bit of work to make it, but it’s impossible to create a great dish in haste, and this is worth a little time.

I also urge you to visit your butcher. I live in Morpeth and when I want something special I ask him; the guy is always over the moon to be asked for something different.

It’s also interesting that if there is another customer in the shop, they will overhear and then ask for cooking tips; including pigs trotter galette! People’s attitudes towards a lot of things have changed a great deal and I invite you to try something outside your repertoire. Bon appetit!


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