New look Peace & Loaf

New look Peace & Loaf

We’ve just come off the back of one of the busiest, tiring and exciting eight-day periods in Peace & Loaf’s journey, but our new look for the restaurant is finally completed and we love it.

What started out as a idea on the back of a beer mat has become the new Peace & Loaf. I always wanted to tie the dining room into the history of the building, which was a forge in the 1920s, and to combine that with a look which fits the style of the people who work here. I think we’ve nailed it in a look which is cooler, cleaner and lighter. There’s a great flow around the place now and feedback from customers has been fantastic.

The guys got a break while we did the building work, and now they’re back in the kitchen working hard while the team out front is the best we’ve ever had.

On the menu, we’re into the back end of summer and there are some amazing autumnal flavours coming through. The artichokes are beautiful, as is the veg from Vanessa’s allotment. I love big autumn flavours and there’s always something exciting to work with.

A favourite on the menu now is our grouse dish. The birds are shot in Northumberland and we pair them with what is best described as a bar of Fruit & Nut. You get raisins, elderberries, almonds and hazelnuts and they sit perfectly with the birds.

Turbot is also sensational at the moment and we’re doing that with beautiful locally foraged girolles, razor clams and a sauce based on a top-notch IPA from Anarchy Brew Co.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the restaurant soon. I hope you’ll like the new look!

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