on thinly cut bread with Irish butter, cut into fingers or triangles, crusts off (obvs!
  1. Cucumber on white:
  2. Very thinly slice your cucumber, don’t peel it, and soak in vinegar (white wine, cider, or malt) for 30 mins to soften it (it won’t taste of vinegar, promise!). Season with salt and pepper, substitute butter for cream cheese if you prefer.
  3. Smoked salmon on granary: Drizzle fish with lemon juice and season with pepper.
  4. Gravadlax and dill on granary: Sprinkle fish with fresh dill, lemon, and pepper.
  5. WHITE CRABMEAT, MAYO AND CHIVES ON WHOLEMEAL: Add a little lemon zest and cucumber to the mayo.
  6. Salt beef and watercress:
  7. Spread bread with crème fraîche rather than butter.
  8. Egg and cress on white:
  9. Mix in a little spring onion and use crème fraîche instead of mayo.
  10. Yorkshire ham:
  11. Best quality ham, unsalted butter, and either English or Dijon mustard.


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