Kitchen Kit

If it tastes as good as it looks, then it should be in your kitchen!
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Nuts!Lotta Bottle
The ultimate kitchen accessory, this wall-mounted dog bottle opener’s bite is worse than its bark. £12.50,
RE, Bishops Yard, Main St Corbridge, NE45 5LA, tel 01434 634 567
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Tart!Perfect Tonic
We love a gin here at appetite HQ, and this Steam Punk Extremely Rare is among the best you’ll get.
£29.99, Carruthers & Kent Elmfield Road, Gosforth NE3 4AY, tel 0191 213 1818
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We think this Avenida Home Menagerie place mat is irresistible – and it comes in white too. £12,
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Cutting!Cheesy does it!
We love our cheese at appetite HQ, and we particularly love this set of four plates (£20), and cheese baker (£15). Tasty!
£15-£20 Corbridge Cookshop Middle Street, Corbridge NE45 5AT, tel 01434 632 582
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Add some zest with a jar of Broom House Seville Orange Marmalade £2.60-£3.75, Broom House Farm, Witton Gilbert, Durham DH7 6TR, tel 0191 371 9697
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Get sweet with this gorgeous local honey at Knitsley Farm Shop.
£4.95, East Knitsley Grange Farm, Knitsley, Consett
Co Durham, DH8 9EW tel 01207 592 059
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On parade!FLIP IT!
We love Joseph Joseph utensil nests and this spoon and slice nest is both beautiful and practical. £29, Stanger’s Cookshop Brentwood Avenue, Jesmond NE2 3DH, tel 0191 281 8563
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This is Atlantic Kitchen sea spaghetti (£5.80) and pulse (£5.80) at the Patisserie & Deli at Vallum is so good for you it’s ridiculous – great for your post-Easter health kick. £5.80, The Patisserie & Delicatessen at Vallum, East Wallhouses, Military Road, Newcastle, NE18 0LL, tel 01434 672 360,
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Use it once, and this Garlic Farm oak-smoked garlic butter will become a must-have in your fridge. As it says on the box – giving garlic greatness!
£3.95, Brocksbushes Farm Shop Corbridge, NE43 7UB, tel 01434 633 100

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On parade!RELISH!
We love a good relish here at appetite, and these jars of chilli pepper relish (£2.95), dill sauce (£2.80) and barbecue sauce (£2.80) by Edinburgh Preserves are well worth taking home.£2.80-£2.95, North Acomb Farm Shop Stocksfield, NE43 7UF, tel 01661 843 181
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On parade!LITTLE HEN!
Oh my, every kitchen needs this lovely Emma Bridgewater hen to keep your eggs safe and sound. Clucking good!
£54.95, Bradley Gardens Sled Lane, Wylam NE41 8JH, tel 01661 852 176

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On parade!TEA TIME!
We like a flowering tea here at appetite HQ, and this box full from Pumphreys are both pretty and tasty. The perfect afternoon tea break.
£39.95, Pumphreys Coffee Roasting Rooms Showroom and Cafe Bridge Street, Blaydon NE21 4JJ, tel 0191 414 4510

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On parade!CHOC HEAVEN!
One of the best artisan chocolate makers around, Bev Stephenson at North Chocolates is a pocket-sized powerhouse. These flavours and more are available at delis regionwide and online.£3.50,

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These lovely cookies make for pretty presents from The Little Coffee House in Team Valley. Sweet!
From £1.75, The Little Coffee House Princesway, Team Valley, Gateshead NE11 0NF, tel 0191 447 3404

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