Shroom at the top

Do you know our Morel from your St George’s? Your Enoki from your Shimeji? Now’s the time to learn…

Festivals are held for mushrooms; national holidays exist in their honour and their mystique has permeated art and literature for centuries.

A rich source of nutrition, as well as being incredibly tasty, mushrooms are an amazing source of sustainable food that’s also friendly to the environment.

Fat, cholesterol and gluten-free and very low in sodium, mushrooms even help fight heart disease and support the nervous system.

Folklore, herbalists and Chinese medicine have all treasured mushrooms for their healing properties. Be assured, mushrooms are powerful things and they are everywhere!

These recipes are from the new Mushroom Cookbook, which serves up recipes plus an ultimate guide to edible fungi, with a directory of wild and cultivated types. It includes a guide to the local and imported mushrooms you will find in greengrocers, farmers markets and supermarkets. These recipes are all from the spring section of the book, which is by Michael Hyams and Liz O’Keefe.

Portuguese wild mushroom risottoe

Mushroom and sherry pate

Pulled rabbit and morel ravioli

Chinese mixed mushroom curry

Wild mushroom and boar sausages

The-Mushroom-CookbookThe Mushroom Cookbook by Michael Hyams & Liz O’Keefe, £15

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