Braised lamb rump & roasted rack of lamb with a strawberry mint jus and a green pea timbale

Serves 6

3 lamb rumps
1×6 bone rack of lamb, larder trimmed
½ litre/1 pint lamb stock
50g/2oz diced mix celery/leek/carrot/onion
I small punnet strawberries, pureed
strawberry vinegar
white wine vinegar
glass red wine
chopped mint
chopped rosemary
30g/1½ oz brown sugar

For timbale –
500g/1lb peas (fresh or frozen)
125ml /4fl oz whipping cream
3 egg whites

Lamb Preheat oven to 160C/325F/Gas 3. Seal lamb rump in a hot frying pan, colour well and add diced veg and red wine. Put in a large deep roasting tray and half cover with lamb stock. Foil wrap tray and cook for 1¾ hours to braise gently.

55 mins before lamb rump is ready preheat secondary oven to 190C/375/Gas 5 to cook lamb rack and timbales. Seal rack of lamb in a hot frying pan, colour,  season with rosemary, set aside.

Cook peas in boiling salted water for 4 mins, strain and refresh under cold water. Blend to a fine puree in a food processor, add whipping cream, mix well and add egg whites.  Season.  Lightly butter 6 timbale moulds, fill to a depth of 3cms and cling film each one. Put on a deep tray with a little cold water (bain marie). Cook timbales for 25 mins until mousse is set. Allow to rest with clingfilm on and in the bain marie for 15/20 mins.

Place lamb rack in the oven 5 mins later and roast for 25 mins and rest for 10-15 mins.

For the jus, gently brown 30g brown sugar until lightly caramelised. Add 25ml white wine vinegar and strawberry vinegar to flavour and allow to cook out for 5 mins. Add cooking liquid from lamb rump pan, increase heat to reduce by half to obtain a strong lamb-flavoured jus. 5 mins before serving add strawberry puree and chopped mint to flavour.

To serve, cut the rump in half lengths and give half a rump per portion. Slice one lamb cutlet from rack (should be slightly pink) to rest on top of the rump. Trickle with the jus and place the pea timbale by the side.

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