What do I do with… Morel mushrooms

Wild morels are up there with the royalty of the mushroom world, renowned for their meaty texture, their earthy, nutty flavour, and their price (about £70 a kilo for fresh ones at the time of writing) which is due to the fact that they’re nigh-on impossible to farm so they are gathered wild by hand.

Generally, you will find them dried, and these are certainly easier to handle than fresh ones. To rehydrate, just soak in tap water for a few minutes and when they’re plump, they’re ready to use. The key when cooking them – fresh or dried – is to preserve the flavour, so don’t drown them in loads of other ingredients, herbs or spices. Sauté in butter or grill gently and serve as they are, or sauté a few slices in a little butter, then add eggs and scramble for an indulgent breakfast. Use a few to add depth to mushroom risotto or soup, or cook gently in a white wine and cream sauce and serve with steak or pasta for a supper treat.

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