What do I do with… Cheaper cuts of lamb

Yes, we know we usually reserve this column for the slightly out of the ordinary, but what with the current economic situation, it strikes us that there are some superb cheaper cuts of lamb we can all consider. Affordable cuts like shoulder, scrag and middle neck, and breast need very slow cooking if they’re going to be tender, and they’re perfect in winter-warming dishes.

A shoulder joint is cheaper than a leg, and is juicier and more flavoursome. Make cuts in the skin, stuff them with rosemary and garlic and roast extremely slowly (about 4 hours for a 2.5kg joint, bone in) covered in foil for a superb Sunday roast.

Scrag and middle neck are perfect for a stew which you can do in your slow cooker to keep cooking costs down, while a breast joint is ideal rolled and slow roast on top of a layer of mixed vegetables and half a bottle of red wine (the cheap cooking sort!).

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