Richard & Stephen’s Perfect Poached Eggs


Richard & Stephen's Perfect Poached Eggs
  1. Fill pan with water, ensuring there’s enough to cover the egg.
  2. Bring water to boil, add a splash of malt vinegar to help to bind the egg.
  3. Crack egg at the thin end to avoid breaking the yolk, pour it carefully into the centre of the boiling water. Now, put your toast on.
  4. The water will have briefly come off the boil when the egg went in.
  5. When it returns to the boil, turn down the heat so it is barely simmering.
  6. When the toast pops up, take the egg out using a flat, non-stick slotted spatula, and slide onto a bread board.
  7. Butter your toast to give the water on the egg time to evaporate.
  8. Put the egg on the toast.
  9. Make an incision with sharp knife and season with salt and pepper.
  10. Perfect!


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