Last Word: Greg Bureau

Owner, Bouchon Bistrot

What do you have for breakfast?
I’m not much of a morning person, so I tend to keep breakfast late and quick. Most days, it’s just a slice of sourdough, soft-boiled eggs and a glass of orange juice.

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?
I love good chocolate. I also enjoy a good bottle of wine or two on the weekends with the family.

What would be your last meal on earth?
It would have to be back home in France with family. There’s an oyster shack in the south-west of France and we’ve had some amazing experiences there enjoying simple, brilliant seafood surrounded by friends and family. I’d love to go back there.

What’s in your home fridge and freezer?
We don’t keep a huge stock, preferring to shop for fresh food often. That said, there’s always enough in there to make a good, simple meal and you’ll always find good butter in there.

What’s your most important piece of kitchen kit?
Good knives – hidden from my wife and children – are essential. My favourite piece of kit to use is the Japanese barbecue – I enjoy cooking dinner for the family, and smoking my own duck along with a few other bits and pieces.

What’s your favourite food book?
I’ve collected food books for years and choosing a favourite is impossible. There’s a lot of French influence in there, and I favour the ones that are well-described, like Michel Roux Jr’s books.

What’s your most important piece of advice in the food business?
Be consistent. Whether you’re average, good or great – stay consistent as customers need to be able to trust you’re going to meet their expectations. You can always assess and change elements, but the overall quality of your food and service must remain consistent.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working in food?
I have no idea! I grew up in food in my parents’ business and wasn’t particularly interested at school, so food and hospitality are all I know.

If you only had £10 to spend on food, what would you buy?
It’s not a lot these days, but I think I could still manage to get a nice artisan sourdough, a couple of slices of good ham, a morsel of cheese, and a little bit of butter.

Who is your favourite chef?
My father is a fantastic chef, with a passion for hosting people – both in the early days of his business when he was in the kitchen, and now he’s retired at home regularly hosting family and friends.

Bouchon Bistrot, Gilesgate, Hexham, NE46 3NJ, tel 01434 609 943,

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