High steaks

This month, girl butcher Charlotte is mostly eating steak

Naming cuts of meat is viewed as a very complicated process – because it is complicated. It varies depending on which continent, country, county, town or village you are from. This makes training to be a butcher and moving around a lot a bit like learning a completely new language with about 100 regional accents.

There have been odd occasions in the past where I have had customers from other places having to physically show me on their own body where the cut comes from because I haven’t heard of the cut they are describing. I often think our little shop descends into the realms of the ridiculous, but also the sublime, which brings me to the Flat Iron Steak.

SteakRecipe: marinated butler’s steak

This cut comes from the feather blade, or top blade, of beef. It is referred to as feather because the grains of marbling in it resemble the vanes on a feather.

As a cut of meat for the customer it is known as feather steak, butler’s cut, flat iron steak or it can also be used for braising. Talk about versatile. However as steaks go, it’s not the most expensive and definitely worth
a try.


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