The Quilliam Brothers Tea House

tea1Tea. Can’t live without it. But a city centre venue selling very little else until 1am? Rosie McGlade visits the Quilliam Brothers Tea House to see what all the fuss is about

There are two types of customers who frequent the Quilliam Brothers Tea House over the road from Newcastle’s Haymarket, says middle brother Patrick.

“There’s the likes of ‘F11’ who comes in every day for his Caramel Cup, coded F11 on our tea menu, never considers changing, and then there’s Ian, a wonderful elderly gentleman, who’ll come in and just say ‘surprise me’.

“Sometimes he says, ‘I’m feeling kind of colourful, make me something red’. Or he came in one miserable grey day asking for something to make him happy, and we then have a think and try to find the perfect match.”

The red tea was a Pi

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