Salad days

Salad days

The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, and we’re all over a healthy summer. Enjoy these recipes, no guilt required…

Remember rosemary

This month’s food fad of the season award goes to school kids nationwide who are dosing up on rosemary in a bid to boost their brainpower.

Holland & Barrett says there’s been a 187% increase in sales of rosemary essential oil compared with last year after a Northumbria University study showed pupils in a room scented with rosemary performed better in memory tests.

The research suggests that pupils who work in a classroom with the aroma of rosemary oil achieve 5% to 7% better results in memory tests. In ancient Greece, students wore garlands of rosemary in exams and in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia says: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

Our top tip: Keep up the revision as well!

Chicken shashlik salad

Steak, shallot & black bean tostadas

BBQ asparagus with gremolata

Sweet Gem and cod braised with peas

Strawberry, mint and pineapple iced yoghurts

Raspberry fro-yo

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