Fab 5: Spring flavours

This month we ask five fab foodies – what’s your favourite spring flavour?

Ellie Graham, Blackfriars
My favourite dish on our spring menu is pan-fried duck breast, smoked duck wing, fermented wild leeks and orange gnocchi developed by my partner Krystian, head chef at Blackfriars. The duck breast is complemented by the smokiness of the wing, intensified by the fermented wild leeks with the freshness and acidity of the orange cutting through the whole dish.

Moz Murphy, grate
My favourite flavours of spring are the new-season soft sheep cheeses, which are only available during lambing season each year. I’m most looking forward to the return of Brefu Bach (which translates as little bleat) from Carrie Rimes in North Wales, and Sir Lancelot from Selina Cairns in Lanarkshire.

Leila Ibbitson, Fausto Coffee
When I think of spring, I think of dishes filled with the wonderful flavours and colours of early berries, wonderfully vibrant fruits and fresh leafy greens. The return of granola pots topped with berries, avocado on toast with fresh picked greens, and beautiful fresh salads mean summer is on its way!

Nicolas Kleist, Bouchon Bistrot
Lamb is an essential part of springtime and I’ve always enjoyed the flavours and textures of the various cuts at this time of year. I love a braised shank of lamb and for my latest menu I’ll be serving it with mild northern African spices, lime leaves, tomatoes and chickpeas alongside couscous.

Paolo Pieri, Michelangelo’s
I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on wild garlic again. The woods in the grounds of the hotel are always full of it and the smell reminds you summer is just around the corner. We use a lot of it in pesto, soups, sauces and salads. It also works wonderfully with our ever-popular roast leg of lamb, which will be back on the menu any day now.

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