Eat like it’s 2014


The Grazer, Anna Hedworth, shares her thoughts about some of 2014’s food trends, from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Another new year, and I’m doing my usual and thinking what’s in, what’s out, (what’s shaking all about…) in food circles.

I’ve noticed set menus making a bit of a resurgence, a trend that seems to be linked to the pop-up/supper club market.

We’re seeing pared-back menus with a few select choices, or one with no choice at all, which makes for less wastage and easier planning for a small kitchen – and diners love it (who wants to pore over a massive menu when they go out anyway).

In a few weeks I’m going to The Clove Club in London – the foodie destination of the moment, where there is no choice but a daily five-course feast which is the talk not just of the town, but of every town in the UK, or so it seems.

I’ve heard really good things, aside from the picture of a whole charred tuna’s head on Instagram, which intimidated me just a little!

So what are we going to be serving up on our own dinner tables this year? Let’s see…


2014 is all about chicken, hipster pizzas, the BBQ, noodles, third wave burgers, native ingredients and hot dogs.

BBQ doesn’t seem to be going away, as new waves of restaurants and pop-ups carry on appearing. It’s arrived here in Newcastle recently with Lane7, the Chicken Coop, and Jam Jar all bringing us the trend, incredibly well in the case of Lane7.

I had thought that it would start to die out in London at some point soon (can they fit in any more smoky sticky BBQ joints?), but more are arriving with Pitt Cue, Meat Liquour and so on.

We are yet to see the arrival of the third wave burger trend up here, to follow Shake Shack, In ‘n’ Out and Five Guys, which are all newly arrived in London from the States.


Craft beer is still massive, taking over in part from micro-breweries. Hipster micro-distilleries are big in America at the moment, and I like the look of that FEW gin that’s popping up everywhere.

Actually, I’m still harbouring desires to start producing my own gin. I’ve also been reading about bottled cocktails, which, similarly to craft beers, keep a consistency to the product and allow bars to really speed up their service. Just think hipster gin cocktails with beards and good graphics rather than a Cosmopolitan in a pink bottle.

What else? Well, my prediction is that we’ll all be enjoying small brand coffee, pour-over coffee, sour and tea-based cocktails, picklebacks (a shot of whisky followed by a ‘back’ of dill pickle juice…I kid ye not), cold craft juice and health-giving green juice.


Sharing, grazing, eating late, and express eating are all on the menu for 2014.

Pop-ups, single-option menus, pared-back dining, informal eating, convivial dining in unusual locations and unique collaborations are all still going strong.

I was reading an article about pop-ups rescuing the economy, which is perhaps taking it a bit far, but the DIY trend of just rolling up your sleeves and having a go in a host of interesting spots instead of spending half a million on a kitchen is one I hope stays around; it brings enthusiasm and life to the food scene, making our city a more interesting and diverse place.

Meanwhile, I’ll ignore the short-lived trends for kale ice lollies, edible wood and soil and egg white crisps, thanks.

Recipe: BBQ Smoked Ribs

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