Dosa Kitchen supporting new year health kicks

Dosa Kitchen is offering tasty alternatives for those who have embarked on a fitness regime for the new year – encouraging people to eat light, nutrient-dense South Indian food.

The Jesmond venue has become a popular spot with runners taking part in the annual Great North Run because of the positive benefits of eating its namesake dosas – a special pancake made out of a batter which is the result of an 18-hour fermentation process.

Created from rice and protein-rich black urad lentils, dosas are rich in amino acids while the carbohydrate content means you stay fuller for longer. The fermentation process also offers a whole host of health benefits, including anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities. The menu suitable for vegan diners, with more than 60% of dishes being plant-based. Southern Indian cooking is also traditionally lighter and cooked in less fat than dishes from other parts of the country.

Restaurant co-owner Sudharsan Murugavel said: “We know this is the time of year when everyone has been lazing around, and eating and drinking too much. At the same time, we all need some cheering up in January, so eating Southern Indian cuisine is a fantastic way to enjoy great food without compromising your fitness regime – and actually benefiting it.

“While the benefits of fermented foods might be quite a recent thing, in India we have known about it for centuries. Dosas are not only delicious and a completely authentic staple of southern Indian cookery, but they have many nutritional benefits.

“It’s often eaten at breakfast because it provides slow release energy and, with 9mg of protein per dosa and a low fat content, it is ideal for anyone watching their weight or wanting a gluten-free alternative to bread.

“It is also vegan – like so much of our menu – so is also a great option for anyone who is wanting to experience a plant-based diet.”

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