Star turn

Star turn

She’s been on telly with Michel Roux Jnr, helped to raise £30k for charity, and found time to rustle up a fab rhubarb cake. Here’s a snapshot of life for The Grazer, aka Anna Hedworth

It’s been a very busy few months, with charity and TV taking up all my time, which sounds glamorous but in fact has just been very hard work.

Something for Syria came to life at the end of February. A night that began as an idea at Christmas to raise some money for the people of Aleppo and escalated into a full on massive do at Wylam Brewery that raised over £30,000! It still makes me quite emotional. It just shows what you can do when a few of you put your heads together and call on the kind and talented people of the North East.

Just when it felt calm and I could get back to the work and life I had totally ignored running up to the event I got a call from Boomerang Productions; I was going to be on TV! Cook House appeared last week as part of a new series on Channel 4 called Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jnr. The crew spent 10 hours filming at Cook House last summer for the programme – who knew there was so much to film in such a tiny space? – and I was incredibly nervous. Thankfully that didn’t seem to show through too much.

If you didn’t see it, one morning Michel Roux arrived at the door and off we went to Ouseburn Farm and picked some lovely fresh vegetables and herbs then cooked together back at Cook House.

I lost all sense of what to say, how to move and talk at the same time, how to chop, but thankfully they were a very encouraging and friendly bunch and were also very good at editing.

Michel was a pro, super professional, a really nice guy. Since it has been on TV, Cook House has been inundated with new customers, which is wonderful, and incredibly hard work! I’m definitely going to need a holiday at some point!

In other news… the rhubarb is up, so I thought you might like a simple but delicious cake recipe. It is one of my favourite cakes, not overly sweet, but buttery and crumbly. The outside of the cake forms a delicious buttery crust and it is soft and fruity in the middle, which is lovely with a dollop of cream.

Spring really is sprung!

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Recipe: Rhubarb cake

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