Consommé Olga

500g/1lb minced beef
250g/9oz mixed veg (onion, celery, leek, carrots)
3 egg whites
2 tsp tomato puree
I litre cold beef stock
I bay leaf
3-4 peppercorns
6 scallops
50g/2oz vegetable strips (celery, carrot, cucumber) to garnish



Peel, wash and finely chop mixed veg. Mix with the beef, tomato puree, bay leaf and peppercorns in a heavy-based pan. Lightly whip egg whites for 10/15 seconds to double the volume and add to veg/meat mixture, then add cold beef stock. Place on a gentle heat and gradually bring to the boil stirring occasionally. The mixture will slowly rise to the top of the pan allowing a firm crust to form which in turn will clarify the beef stock and turn it clear. Simmer gently for 1¾-2 hours; do not stir or break the crust.

Strain carefully through a fine sieve.

Blanch veg strips (except cucumber) in boiling water for 1 minute and refresh in cold water.

Sear scallops in a dash of olive oil for 30 seconds on each side and cut in half. Place in soup bowl, ladle over consommé and garnish with the veg strips.

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