Books for cooks

Helen Stanton of Forum Books in Corbridge offers her pick of the new cookbooks serving up summer themes of seasonal food and travel

Georgina Hayden
£25 Square Peg

Georgina’s first book, Stirring Slowly, is a big, messy-with-much-use favourite. She has a natural knack for both recipes and stories and in Taverna she brings us tales from a Cypriot kitchen, and serves up a melting pot of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours with recipes from simple vegan fast-day dishes to big family feasts. Gorgeous!

Nigel Slater
£22 Fourth Estate
Like Eats before it, Greenfeast is a selection of everyday recipes for after work and weekdays. Casual, sustaining, inspiring and completely plant-based – as ever, Nigel’s writing is mouth-wateringly good and utterly joyful.

Kay Plunkett-Hogge
£20 Pavilion
Bangkok-born Kay Plunkett-Hogge’s new Thai book features delicious and easy-to-use home recipes, guiding you through the use of authentic flavours in snacks, sides and my favourite chapter – Yums, Laarps and Tums. You’ll have to read it to find out what that is!

Selina Periampillai
£26 Bloomsbury
A ravishing cookbook packed with the flavours of the colourful markets of Mauritius, the aromatic spice gardens of the Seychelles and the fishing coasts of the Maldives… Dive in!

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