Weigh to dough

Weigh to dough

The Grazer, aka Anna Hedworth, embraces the bun

was back at the School of Artisan Food again this month for its Food for Thought lecture weekend; not as a speaker this year, but as a guest, which meant I could fully enjoy it with no nerves. It was a brilliant weekend last year and proved so again this year. It’s almost a bit overwhelming listening to that many fascinating speakers.

Over a sunny weekend on the Welbeck Estate we listened to Bronwen and Francis Percival talk about cheese, Nicole Pisani talk about the move from Ottolenghi chef to running school canteens. We heard about biodynamic soil, Pakistani seasons, spices, the power of food social media from Felicity Cloake, diet myths and gut microbes, sustainable diets for the future from Professor Tim Lang and much more besides. It was utterly fascinating, hugely educational and inspiring.

The School of Artisan Food is an amazing place, the baking at the school particularly so. Over breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea we were served sourdoughs, focaccias, malt loaves, crackers, cookies, amazing brownies and so much more, I am inspired.

I’ve been baking a bit more recently, and we currently have a pork bun on the menu at Cook House. We’re using pork direct from a farm in Medomsley – a mangalitza, saddleback, middle white cross – and it is so delicious, a real depth of flavour that I’ve not had the like of before – so it’s only right to give it a freshly baked bun each day.

I guess these little buns have similarities with a brioche; slightly sweetened, inspired by reading the Nordic Bakery book.

Enjoy…and happy baking.

Butter and cardamom buns

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